Jamaal Charles' interview with the Old Spice robot is incredible


Every since Old Spice got rid of the man riding a horse on a bike on a beach in space, the commercials have been remarkably creepy.

The latest batch of Old Spice ads feature a robot that continues to break down in different social situations. It's weird. Really weird.

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But somewhere along the line the creative minds at Old Spice got together and decided to put together a series of interviews between the malfunctioning robot and NFL players, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles specifically, and well, it may be the funniest thing we've watched in a good long time.

Things we learned about Jamaal Charles: 

1) Has a career in sound effects once he's finished in the NFL.

2) His go-to dance move is the "Pencil dance."

3) Don't ask his about his wife's contact information.

4) Likes tacos, but not that much.

Several other NFL players sat down with the robot for in-depth interviews, and are well worth your time.


A.J. Green:

Earl Thomas:

Drew Brees: