Tiger Woods score: Round 2 recap, highlights from Memorial Tournament

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The second round of the Memorial Tournament was a mixed bag for Tiger Woods.

Tiger started the day with a bogey, but ran through a string of birdies — and one incredible eagle — to get as low as 5 under before a weather delay stopped him cold. He finished the last seven holes with one birdie, one bogey and five pars.

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Regardless, he finished the day at 5 under, well under the cut line and within striking distance of Kyle Stanley, who was at 11 under at the time Tiger finished Round 2. Can he make some headway on Saturday for a potential comeback on the final day of competition?

We'll find out. Regardless, here's a look at Tiger's second round at the Memorial Tournament:

Tiger Woods' score: Round 2
Memorial Tournament

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Hole (Par) Tiger's score (Overall) Place
1 (4) 5 (1 over) T-73
2 (4) 4 (1 over) T-73
3 (4) 3 (Even) T-59
4 (3) 3 (Even) T-60
5 (5) 4 (1 under) T-49
6 (4) 4 (1 under) T-51
7 (5) 4 (2 under) T-47
8 (3) 3 (2 under) T-47
9 (4) 3 (3 under) T-37
10 (4) 4 (3 under) T-37
11 (5) 3 (5 under) T-17
12 (3) 3 (5 under) T-19
13 (4) 4 (5 under) T-21
14 (4) 4 (5 under) T-21
15 (5) 4 (6 under) T-11
16 (3) 3 (6 under) T-12
17 (4) 5 (5 under) T-23
18 (4) 4 (5 under) T-24

HOLE 18: Par 4, 484 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
Tiger just misses to the right. Great look but he'll settle for the tap-in par and finish the day 5 under.
— Approach: Tiger's on the green, roughly 35 feet from birdie. Lag putt upcoming.
— Tee shot: Tiger's tee shot is to the right bunker. Not ending the way he needs to.

HOLE 17: Par 4, 478 yards

— Second putt: BOGEY
— First putt:
Woof. He misses. Two-putt bogey upcoming.
— Third shot: Tiger lands the wedge a couple feet from par.
— Approach: Tiger's approach is short and left of the green. Not the worst, but he'll need an up-and-down to salvage par.
— Tee shot: Tiger finds the right side of the fairway. Onward.

HOLE 16: Par 3, 201 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
Tiger's birdie attempt veers just left and he settles for the tap-in par.
— Tee shot: Another great approach nearly on the par-3 lands Tiger about 6 feet from yet another birdie. That was nearly an ace.

HOLE 15: Par 5, 529 yards

Tiger getting to 6 under:

— First putt: And there it is. Tiger gets over being frozen by Mother Nature for his first birdie since that eagle. BIRDIE
— Third shot: Tiger manages to get on the green, but the ball rolls to about 15 feet from the hole, just on the fringe.
— Second shot: Tiger's back on the fairway, looking at 103 yards from the hole.
— Tee shot: First bad tee shot of the day for Tiger, who sends it right into the gallery. 

HOLE 14: Par 4, 363 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
Another errant birdie attempt (this one goes left). Tap-in range, which will leave him at 5 under.
— Approach: Dangerous shot lands on the right of the green and nearly trickles down the rough into the water — but he'll take a 20-foot putt for birdie instead.
— Tee shot: Tiger moves onward, laying up off the tee just past the middle of the fairway before the water hazard.

HOLE 13: Par 4, 455 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
Another missed opportunity. The ball veers right and lips out to the left. Two-putt par upcoming.
— Approach: Another great approach lands Tiger about 4 feet from the hole. He's still feeling it, barring that missed birdie.
— Tee shot: At least Tiger's still good off the tee. He booms the ball, which stays left of the bunker, clears the rough and lands in the fairway. Onward.

HOLE 12: Par 3, 184 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
That weather delay was killer. He missed left and settled for the tap-in par.
— Tee shot: Tiger hits the flag off the tee and is looking at a 5-foot birdie. 

HOLE 11: Par 5, 567 yards

That magic shot:

— Approach: Pure. Tiger. Magic. He holes out from 95 yards away. That puts him at 5 under and he's definitely feeling it right now. EAGLE
— Second shot:
Tiger's back on the green and will break out the wedge from 95 yards out to get on the green. 
— Tee shot: Tiger's drive didn't get enough curve on it and straight up cleared the fairway. He'll be working from the rough, but it's not the worst position.

HOLE 10: Par 4, 471 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
It veers left of the mark but sets Tiger up for a walk-in par attempt.
— Approach: Tiger's on the green, looking at 12 feet for birdie.
— Tee shot: Tiger gets a good rip, manages to clear the left-side bunker and get onto the fairway.

HOLE 9: Par 4, 412 yards

The putt that got him 3 under:

— First putt: Boom. That looked true all the way. Tiger's now 3 under heading into the turn. BIRDIE
— Approach:
Tiger avoids the sand trap and water hazard to land on the green. He's 34 feet from birdie. 
— Tee shot: Tiger finds the left side of the fairway. Decent position for another look at birdie before taking the turn.

HOLE 8: Par 3, 185 yards

— First putt: Good save from Tiger, who sinks the putt and heads to Hole 9 with his 2-under score intact.
— Approach: That chip out of the sand looked like it was heading straight into the hole but rolled right on by another 6 feet. He'll need to make that for par.
— Tee shot: Tough right there. Tiger hits the right-side bank where it seems to trickle into the bunker. He'll need an up-and-down for par here.

HOLE 7: Par 5, 563 yards

Recapping Hole 7:

— First putt: No problem for Tiger, who's now 2 under for the day and the tournament. BIRDIE
— Third shot:
A nice chip shot from the bunker trickles to about 3 feet from another birdie. Making moves.
— Approach: Tiger's shot lands in the bunker after clearing the green. He'll need to work out of there for an up-and-down birdie.
— Tee shot: Big hit there from Tiger off the tee. 

HOLE 6: Par 4, 447 yards

— Second putt: PAR
— First putt:
The birdie attempt just grazes the left side of the hole but trickles past. Two-putt par upcoming.
— Approach: The bunker and water hazard pose no problems for Tiger, who lands squarely on the green about 12 feet from another birdie.
— Tee shot: Tiger finds the right bunker off the tee.

HOLE 5: Par 5, 527 yards

— Second putt: Cake. Tiger's under for the first time this tournament. BIRDIE
— Third shot:
And there's the short-game magic. He putts his way from the rough to within 3 feet of his second birdie of the day.
— Approach: The ball lands right of the green about 50 feet from the hole, so we'll need to see some good short game from Tiger for a potential birdie.
— Tee shot: Tiger booms that 270 yards to dead-center in the fairway. He's looking at 236 yards between him and pay dirt.

HOLE 4: Par 3, 200 yards

— Second putt: Easy make there. PAR
— First putt: Tiger's birdie attempt veers right of the mark, 2 feet from the hole.
— Tee shot: Tiger's on the back of the green looking at 18 feet for birdie.

HOLE 3: Par 4, 401 yards

Recapping Hole 3:

— First putt: He sinks it and is now back to even. BIRDIE
— Approach:
A fantastic spin downhill lands the ball about 4 feet from birdie. Good opportunity to get one back right here.
— Tee shot: Tiger goes right, but his ball seems to have found the fairway. He'll have a 145-yard look to the hole from here.

HOLE 2: Par 4, 455 yards

— Second putt: PAR
First putt: The birdie attempt is wide, but leaves Tiger in tap-in range for par. 
— Approach: Tiger finds the front of the green again, this time about 22 feet downhill from the hole. Birdie might be too much to ask for here but it's a good look at par at least.
— Tee shot: Tiger's ball goes left, but it finds the fairway.

HOLE 1: Par 4, 470 yards

— Third putt: BOGEY
— Second putt:
Ouch. The par putt never even touched the hole. Tiger will start with a bogey.
— First putt: Tiger gets a good look on the lag putt for birdie, but the ball travels about 4 feet past the hole.
— Approach: No problem for Tiger, who goes from the rough to the green, roughly 33 feet from the hole.
— Tee shot: Tiger's off and it looks like his tee shot (a fairway wood) is in the right rough. Looks to be between two bunkers.

Memorial Tournament live updates: Round 2

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