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Top 10 quotable coaches: Is Spurrier still the best bite?

With media days on the horizon, Sporting News ranks the 10 best quotable coaches in the FBS. The No. 1 choice remains the same.

Media days are coming.

July marks the start of conference media days, and that means we’ll get to hear every coach in the FBS talk about their football team. It’s a long process geared toward getting us one step closer to the start of football season.

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So, which coaches make media days worthwhile? Here’s a look at the 10 most quotable coaches in the FBS.

  • Even at 70 years old, no coach is better during what he calls "Talkin season." Spurrier’s non-filter, stream of consciousness approach is always a hit. Spurrier's B-roll of potent quotables is better than most coaches' A-game. Spurrier’s recent comments on the Confederate flag only back up his honest approach. He's not afraid to hold back. Ever.

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  • Harbaugh is the type of coach who will say something where he's the only one who gets the joke, and he doesn't care whether or not you get the joke. Almost everything Harbaugh says draws a reaction, and that’s sure to be the case at Big Ten Media day. In Harbaugh's words: "It's like Thanksgiving. It's like New Year's Day. It's like a family reunion. And having it all rolled into one.":

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  • No coach in the FBS talks faster. Try and transcribe a Fisher press conference. Just try. Fisher can work a room for an hour and it will feel like 15 minutes, and you’ll have to double-check the transcript afterward to see exactly what he said.

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  • Geronimo, pirates, his trademark pass-happy offense. Leach is an inherently interesting coach with interesting views on everything, and he’ll find a way to spice up Pac-12 media day. Washington State is looking to bounce back from a 3-9 season.

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  • Miles is always good for one, two, maybe three good stories at SEC Media Day. Who could forget his views on soccer last year? According to Miles, Colombia had a "physical brand of ball." He’s out there, and it’s always entertaining.

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  • Swinney doesn’t hold back about issues on or off the field, and he stands by his convictions. Swinney fired back at John Oliver this spring about his criticism of the NCAA. Swinney's also held his own in the constant back-and-forth with Steve Spurrier and South Carolina.

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  • Briles is a cool dude, and he’s not afraid to defend the Big 12 format or Baylor’s spread offense. He even went after Jimbo Fisher at Big 12 Media Day last year. Briles has the numbers to back that up, and his delivery is almost always on point.

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  • Briles and Patterson have to go back-to-back, right? Patterson isn't afraid to call out the College Football Playoff committee or anybody else in TCU's way, and he'll probably be asked another round of questions on the playoff's future at Big 12 Media Day. Expect a straight-forward response.

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  • Saban’s approach is forever straightforward, and he’s not afraid to address the big-picture issues in college football, and he doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He'll be sure to hit on satellite camps, starting quarterbacks and much more at SEC Football Media Days.

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  • Meyer doesn’t waste a second at the podium. He’s efficient and to the point. He’ll likely take more than a few questions about Ohio State’s three-way quarterback race with Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett. Hint: We won’t have an answer until the middle of training camp.

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