Ball State-Western Michigan reaches peak MACtion with bizarre ending

Written By Jacob Hancock
(Getty Images)

The Mid-Atlantic Conference is the gift that keeps on giving in college football.

Ball State and Western Michigan became the latest teams to provide fans with some wildly entertaining late-game #MACtion on Saturday.

With Ball State leading 30-27 with five seconds remaining, Western Michigan had one last play from its 49-yard line to try to win the game. The Broncos ran a quick screen to the right, and then proceeded to lateral the ball 12 times before the 13th attempt was fumbled in the vicinity of two Cardinals defenders.

It looked as though Ball State was going to recover the fumble and seal the win. Cardinals players rushed onto the field to celebrate winning the MAC West Division.

There was only one problem: The play wasn't dead.

It turned out that a Western Michigan player recovered the fumble, keeping the play alive, and lateraled out to Luke Sanders, who weaved in and out of the sea of celebrating Ball State players and coaches and then pitched to Skyy Moore, who ran down the Western Michigan sideline and into the end zone. Referees signaled touchdown on the field, but obviously there were a lot of flags on it, too.

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To make things even crazier, the ESPN feed cut out before the referee explained the call. One of the laterals was deemed an illegal forward pass, ending the game in spite of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Ball State.

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